My name is Hendra. I live in Bandung (the flower city). I work for my self as a programmer. This weblog is where I collect my thoughts on politics, technology, culture, and the other things that make up of our lives. Although this is a public space, my ruminations are not trying to be persuasive. They’re just the effluent of my effort to write my mind the way I want it to read. In other words, this weblog is the product of a conversation with myself, meant only to convince myself. It is a means to develop and inform my opinions. It is also a historian of those opinions, a historian I can consult to remember where my mind has been. It’s a cobweb dusting curator who happens to allow the public into its little museum of no particular interest sitting in a small town of no particular interest. Stop by if you happen to be driving through to someplace else and have some time to kill. Or, keep on going. The curator is perfectly happy tending to his cobwebs.

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